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Flexible stone

flexible stone

Why flexible tile (stone) better artificial or natural stone?

  • Flexible tiles (flexible stone) is much cheaper than an artificial stone.
  • Flexible tile is made of the natural marble chips, does not contain dyes and ultraviolet resistant.
  • Flexible tile is lightweight, which is not overloading the front of the house.
  • Flexible tile has a low weight, which reduces the cost of transportation.
  • Flexible tile can be installed on a variety of uneven surfaces.
  • Flexible tile is easy to install.
  • Flexible tile can be laid at angles of 90 degrees at warming by a building dryer.
  • Consumption of adhesive for laying flexible tile is only 5.51 lb. / 10.76 sqft .Unlike artificial and natural, where adhesive consumption is 13.22 lb. / 10.76 sq. ft.
  • No grout. Flexible Tile does not require Grout. An adhesive works as Grout. The grout consumption is 2.2 lb / 10 sg. ft.
  • Flexible tile can be cut with scissors or a knife. Artificial and natural stone are cut only by the stone cutter.
  • Flexible tile has a protective paper on the front side that protects tile during the installation, grouting and do not spoil its aesthetic appearance.