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Flexible stone

flexible stone

How to install Delap flexible stone

Installation in pictures

Warning! Delap tiles may only be used for mantels or furnaces if the laying base is never heated above 60°. If a possibility of overheating exists, the base must be pre-cladded with magnesia cement boards prior to tile installation.

Magnesia cement boards are non-flammable and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200°C. They have a fire-resistance rating of A and a thermal compression ratio of less than 1%. Thanks to these properties, magnesia cement boards can be used for the manufacturing and lining of mantels and furnaces.

Warning! Areas prone to water absorption must be treated with special waterproof acrylic materials. This rule applies to all construction work, not only to projects involving Delap stone or similar products. Waterproof materials are suitable for construction, repair and maintenance work. They ensure water-resistance of structures and insulation. By using waterproof materials you ensure that concrete and brick structures (or other types of structure) are protected from penetration by water or other harmful substances (salts, alkalis, oils, solvents, etc.). This is an important step to remember in base preparation process in any building or structure. Keep in mind that foundations and facades always start deteriorating from the inside out, not the other way around!

Warning! Before cladding structures with any type of base (thermal insulation, support base, framework or permanent forms) ALWAYS consult the base manufacturer first, since every base type (thermal insulation, support base, framework or permanent forms) has its own qualitative and resistance properties as well as application conditions. Only the manufacturer can provide you with the most reliable information about cladding using either Delap products or any other materials. By doing so, you will ensure the highest quality of installation, compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements for the base layer and a long service life for your cladding.

The instructions available on the Delap website for all types of base layer are for reference only!

Consult the manufacturer of the base layer first!

  1. Take out elements flexible stone from the box and divide all figured elements through the perforation.
  2. When installing the forms of "Field Stone" and "Ragged Stone" does not necessarily repeat the pattern of the manufacturer. Pull out from the box tile and separate all figured elements through the perforation. It is recommended mix them together and produce install method of selection.
  3. To fit the shape elements can be cut with scissors or a knife.
  4. The material is flexible enough for columns and other curved surfaces. For finishing angles at ambient temperatures below + 5 ° C, recommended to heat tile heat gun.
  5. Apply smoothly flexible stone on right angle. Bend material, Jerky movements undesirable.
  6. Excess adhesive squeezed in between the seam tiles, after which they are pounded small stiff brush dipped in water, and formed by the concave profile of the seam. Do not remove the protective paper during grouting!
  7. Remove the protective paper after 12 hours.
  8. Similar technology is applicable to the installation tiling "brick".