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Flexible stone

flexible stone


Delap Flexible Stone LLC is pleased to see you among our business partners. We are interested in expanding our dealer network in various states of America. In working with dealers, we adhere to the principle of an individual approach, which allows us to develop the most convenient scheme of work with each. We are in constant contact with our dealers, and they get in the first place all the latest information on any changes to current promotions. Business partners working with us on an ongoing basis, given the status of the dealer.

Delap Flexible Stone LLC offers cooperation with the architectural, design and construction companies. It developed a special package that includes special rates, terms and conditions of delivery.

Be the Dealer Delap profitable company:

  • A new product in the market of America
  • There are no analogues
  • Our stone can be used on any surface
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation
  • Demand for our products is growing
  • Providing information and advertising materials
  • Possibility of exclusive dealership rights in your state
  • The direction of potential customers to the dealer within its territory
  • Information about your dealer on the main website under "Where to Buy", and information portals..
  • The offered products meet European quality standards
  • Produced in Hungary
  • Consultation on production
  • Provide samples

In order to obtain information about working with dealers, architectural, design and construction companies, please fill in the form below: